I have been working with a 57 year old woman from the Cape since 5/17/12. She had a dominant side total shoulder joint replacement. She came to us with significant range of motion and strength deficits affecting her function and daily living tasks. Her surgery was on March 29th of 2012 and began therapy on May 7 2012. When she started she was only able to reach just above shoulder level and raise arm out to the side to just under shoulder level. She wasnt able to achieve those ranges without help from her other arm or her therapist. Her strength and range was significantly reduced because she was immobilized for an extended period. After 12 appointments she is now able to actively raise her arm overhead with some weight and has fully resumed all daily activities and continues to work hard to achieve full motion and strength so she can resume all of her previous activities including kayaking and golf.

Arron Capron, PTA