Spine Program

NEPT is at the forefront of spine treatment techniques, always looking to improve therapy for our patients. Recent studies prove that Yoga and Pilates are effective tools in treating back pain. We incorporated concepts and exercises from those disciplines into our practice, helping our patients rebuild back and abdominal muscles.

Fall Prevention

We designed our fall prevention program for high-risk individuals, who often include the elderly. Our therapists can reduce the risk of falls by increasing strength, flexibility and balance reactions. A combination of aquatic and regular physical therapy can be tailored to a patient’s individual needs.

Diabetes Program/Obesity Management

We help diabetes patients overcome barriers or co-morbidities such as balance disorders and gait abnormalities. When needed, NEPT enhances our diabetes treatments by helping patients achieve lasting lifestyle changes. This includes encouraging regular daily exercise. Together, our program guides patients through targeted treatment sessions to alleviate functional limitations and increase confidence in their ability to perform an independent exercise program.