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NEPT is dedicated to ensuring every provider’s success, so we work with referring doctors as a team. We hand deliver each patient’s initial evaluation to assure that the physician agrees with our therapist’s prescribed treatment plan.

Once treatment begins, we visit with referring doctors regularly. These meetings offer timely feedback that lets us fine-tune individual patient programs and improve outcomes.

Services for Physician-Owned Therapy Practices
We help other doctors achieve greater results from their physical therapy practices. Please call us at 978-686-7100 to learn how we can help.

Often physicians own a physical therapy practice but are unaware of the standards for patient care and performance. Consequently, clinics are often operating far below their potential.

We have worked with multiple practices to achieve three core elements fundamental to success:

  1. A baseline of your clinic’s activity to compare with standards of performance across the United States;
  2. A program that prioritizes activities to achieve the most meaningful results the fastest; and
  3. An ongoing management program to ensure optimum results.

We also have successfully led the creation of outpatient clinics for doctors, assuring compliance with state and federal regulations. The types of services we offer include, but are not limited to, site design, recruiting therapists and administrative staff, installation of systems, and revenue management.