We’re here to get patients better.

NEPT’s mission is to be the place where patients want to treat, physicians want to refer and physical therapists want to work.

Physical Therapy differs from other forms of medicine because patients treat frequently within a relatively short time period. It is common for patients to see their therapists more often in a two month period than they see other providers in a year. Given this intensity of treatment, the relationship between therapist and patient must be built on trust and open communication.

We believe that physical therapy remains a relatively untapped resource in providing solutions to patients. Therefore, we advocate for physical therapy and stay on the forefront of emerging treatments. Physical therapy has great potential to help patients return to an active lifestyle and possibly avoid more invasive forms of treatment. Whether a patient attends therapy for chronic issues, such as back pain, or more orthopedic issues (related to surgery or not), physical therapy can provide long-term solutions.

Finally, our commitment to helping patients extends to assisting doctors, practices and institutions improve their physical therapy services.